Pelicans' Cousins ejected for swinging elbow at WestbrookNovember 21, 2017 3:16am

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Pelicans center Demarcus Cousins has been ejected from a game against Oklahoma City after swinging his elbow near the head of Thunder star Russell Westbrook.

The play occurred Monday night under the Pelicans' basket in the third quarter after Cousins had secured a rebound. When Cousins raised his elbows near Westbrook's face, the Thunder guard dropped to the floor holding his head.

It wasn't clear from replays whether Cousins caught Westbrook in the head or shoulder, or if the contact was significant.

Officials did not eject Cousins from the game until after viewing replays on a TV at the scorers' table, after which they called a flagrant two.

Hard contact is not required for such a foul. Only contact deemed "unnecessary and excessive," according to the NBA rule book.


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