Giant 23-Foot Python Swallows Woman WholeJune 17, 2018 1:17pm

"Attacks on humans are rare," read the last Newser story about a 23-foot python swallowing a human in Indonesia. That was in March 2017, and now history repeats its gruesome self, with the victim this time a 54-year-old woman who went to check on her corn.

Concerned about wild boar raids on her crops, Wa Tiba set out on the half-mile walk Thursday night. When she didn't return, her sister went to look for her, finding only a machete, flashlight, and slippers.

Searchers soon found a 23-foot reticulated python mere yards away, and the Washington Post notes that "a long bulge midway down its body had a foreboding look to it." Villagers killed the snake, and cameras rolling, cut it open to find Wa inside.

If you can stomach it, video is in the gallery. The Post notes that the snake likely bit Wa, then suffocated her to death before eating her.

(Here's how a python can swallow a human whole.)

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